Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Jake Hall

Date: December 6, 2016

Re: WMS December Board Report


We have successfully started the 2nd quarter of 2016-17 school year!  Because Woodland Middle School is a large, comprehensive school with the arts, leadership, core subjects, etc., I have asked WMS departments for input for WMS Board Reports.   These department reports will be included in the December 2016 and January 2017 WMS Board Reports.  

There are many unique things going on and we are so proud of the dynamic work by students and staff.  The following departments have put together a brief report in more detail below:

  • Music
  • 7-8 Leadership
  • 5th Grade Technology
  • Future Trades
  • 6-8 English Language Arts (ELA)
  • 7-8 Social Studies
  • 5th Grade ELA/Social Studies


Choir -- The choirs have been preparing for their Winter Concert, December 13th.  The Winter Concert was an amazing success!!  WMS families packed the WHS auditorium to standing room only! We are excited to be exploring 3 part music at the middle school, the first time in 8 years!

Band -- The WMS bands did an awesome job at the Winter Concert!  We had some students in the performance who have only just begun to play their instrument; we are so proud of their work.  Overall, the Instrumental Music Program is intended to prepare students to participate in band at the high school level and beyond, equipping them to become independent musicians capable of walking into any community band or college ensemble and participating freely.  

7-8 Leadership

Leadership - 7th and 8th grade Leadership is a class that focuses on "Serving the School while Leading by Example." Students do a variety of activities during class time (create display cases, make posters, plan activities, create a weekly video bulletin, etc.). They also do a variety of service/volunteer activities outside of class time (serving senior citizen lunches, working at the Woodland Action Center, running lunch activities, helping with RIF at the primary school, etc). The Leadership students truly make our school a better place.

5th Grade Technology

5th Grade Technology class has focused most of its energy this first quarter towards being good digital citizens with topics that include internet safety, social media awareness, cyberbullying, and password security. Beyond this students have had an opportunity to further their basic computer skills.  

Future Trades

Students have been learning about engine components and assemblies. They have started to disassemble a small engine.  The next project is with a scroll saw and sanders and/or braze welding and ARC welding.

6-8 English Language Arts (ELA)

The ELA department has been working hard to incorporate RACE into activities. RACE is a framework for writing that stands for “Restate, Answer, Cite and Explain.”  We are also looking into having a Step Up to Writing training to increase students' writing skills, particularly in essays.

7-8 Social Studies

In 7th grade Social Studies students have been studying the geography of the United States. Students have completed research projects and presentations about the 50 states, and also completed a road trip project across the United States using the Google Maps application.

In 8th grade Washington State History students have been learning about the interaction of early settlers in the Northwest with Native Americans and conflicts that arose between the two groups. One focus for students in this class has been to learn how to analyze political cartoons.

5th Grade ELA/Social Studies

Quarter 1: We focused on analyzing literary text through a novel study focusing on the five literacy elements (characters, setting, conflict, plot and theme). We also worked on answering critical thinking questions and defending our answers by quoting accurate text evidence. In writing we focused on elements of a narrative and narrative essay writing.

Quarter 2: We are analyzing informational text features and structures (our social studies books and support text from our curriculum). We are practicing research skills on the Chromebooks, and informational writing through our Early Exploration Unit.