First Reading of Revisions to Policies 1440-1830

1440 Minutes

Minor language cleanup for clarity.

1450 Absence of a Board Member

Language cleanup and inclusion of 2001 law allowing granting of military leave to directors.

1610 Conflicts of Interest

Update of policy per WSSDA recommendation.

1620 The Board/Superintendent Relationship

Update of policy per WSSDA recommendation plus incorporation of Board/Superintendent operation principles.

1630 Evaluation of the Superintendent

WSSDA discretionary policy. Procedure is defined in contract with the superintendent. Reduce policy to minimal or delete.

1731 Board Member Expenses

Simplification of policy per WSSDA recommendation.

1732 Board Member Insurance

No changes to policy.

1733 Board Member Compensation

Modifications per WSSDA recommendation. Adding language about waiving compensation and rules regarding changes to compensation.

1810 Annual Goals and Objectives

Combined policies 1810, 1820, and 1822.

1820 Evaluation of the Board (Board Self-Assessment)

Recommend deletion and inclusion of content in revised 1810.

1822 Training and Development for Board Members

Recommend deletion and inclusion of content in revised 1810.

1830 Participation in School Directors Association

No changes to policy.



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1830.pdf 144KB application/pdf
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D 1731 Draft 11-28-16.pdf 138KB application/pdf
P 1610 Draft 11-28-16.pdf 147KB application/pdf
P 1733 Draft 11-28-16.pdf 155KB application/pdf
P 1810 Draft 11-28-16.pdf 38KB application/pdf