Addition of Community Resource Coordinator Position.

Many students in Woodland Public Schools come from families who, for myriad reasons, are impacted by poverty.  It is estimated that 1 in 6 Woodland children do not have adequate nutritious food on a regular basis.   Access to health care, mental health services, community-based supports, etc. are all challenges.   The impact on the ability of children to learn is significant.

In exploring opportunities to support children and families, we have begun exploring opportunities and options.  We are considering a new position, likely part-time, called a community resource coordinator.   The person who serves in this role would focus on making connections between families, social services, community service organizations (Action Center, Rotary, etc.), the faith community, governmental agencies, health-care providers, etc. to bring supports directly to children and families.

The purpose of this agenda item is to explore with the board their willingness to support such a position.