Special Education Report

To:  Michael Green

From:  Deb Kernen

Date:  October 19, 2016

Re:  Special Services Monthly Update


This month I wanted to summarize the work that the Title 1 department at WMS has done this last summer and fall to get the interventions in place for our students.

After gathering data from SBAC (state assessment data) and teacher input, a data analysis team met during the summer (Title Coordinator and 4 representative teachers).  This team analyzed and worked with the rank order data to determine the highest need of academic support in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math according to SBAC scores and teacher input.  When students showed a need for ELA support, they also looked closely at the spring DIBELS assessment (reading fluency) results to determine if the issue was a reading skill-based issue (multi-syllabic word attack or fluency) or a comprehension issue.   By looking at and working with the rank order spreadsheet, the data collected provides an accurate and thorough view of on-going student progress.

This same data team convenes quarterly in order to make adjustments in student placement for extension block.  The data analysis team reevaluates student placement based on updated teacher input, parent input and now our newest assessment, iReady (assessing Math & Reading, it has a high correlation to predict SBAC success). Attached is the extension class model. The Response to Intervention Model (RTI) is an academic intervention model implemented to provide early, systematic assistance to students.   The colors are significant: pink=tier 3=95 students= higher need, intensive students; yellow=tier 2=290 students= strategic, below level students; green=tier 1=298 students=on-level students; blue=11 students=specially identified Hi-C students.

Great things are happening for our students’ in our Title 1 program at WMS!!!



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