TEAM HIgh ALE Annual Report

To: Michael Green

From: Dan Uhlenkott

Date: October 24, 2016

RE: TEAM High Annual Review


1. School Board Policy for Alternative Learning Experience Programs

Policy No. 2255 - Instruction


The board authorizes the creation of an alternative learning experience (ALE) program. The district will make available to students enrolled in an alternative learning experience program educational opportunities designed to meet their individual needs. The district will comply with all program requirements necessary to count an ALE as a course of study and ensure state funding for ALE students.

ALE programs may include, but are not limited to:

  • On-line programs as defined in RCW 28A.150.262;
  • Parent partnership programs that include significant participation and partnership by parents and families in the design and implementation of a student's learning experience; and
  • Contract-based learning programs.

The board will adopt and annually review written policies authorizing alternative learning experiences, including each alternative learning experience program and program provider. The policy must designate, by title, one or more school district official(s) responsible for overseeing the district's alternative learning experience courses or programs.

The district establishes TEAM High School and Lewis River Academy as alternative learning experience programs, providing instruction on site or over the internet or by other electronic means, as defined in WAC 392-121-182. The District shall designate one or more official responsible for these programs.

The district shall designate one or more person(s) responsible for approving specific alternative learning experience programs or courses, monitoring compliance with WAC 392-121-182 and reporting at the end of each school year to the board of directors on the program. The annual report shall contain at least the following:

(a)Documentation of ALE student headcount and full-time equivalent enrollment claimed for basic education funding;

(b)Identification of the overall ratio of certificated instructional staff to full-time equivalent students enrolled in each ALE program;

(c)A description of how the program supports the district's overall goals and objectives for student academic achievement; and

(d)Results of any self-evaluations.

The district will submit an annual report to the Superintendent of Public Instruction detailing the costs and purposes of any expenditures made to purchase or contract for instructional or co-curricular experiences and services that are included in an ALE written student learning plan, along with the substantially similar experiences or services made available to students enrolled in the district's regular instructional program.

In addition to TEAM High School, and Lewis River Academy, the District participates in, and provides students access to, the Center for Career and Academic Advancement (CCAA), a cooperative program offered by the Clark County Skills Center and ESD 112. The CCCA program operates in accordance with all applicable state rules and regulations in offering a diploma that meets the minimum state graduation requirements through the Woodland School District. Stu- dents earning a diploma through CCAA will not be eligible to participate in the TEAM or Woodland High School commencement ceremonies. However, if the student meets the credit requirements of TEAM or Woodland High School they will be allowed to participate in the appropriate ceremony.

The superintendent is directed to develop procedures consistent with WAC 392-121-182  to govern the administration of the district’s ALE program

Revision Date: 9/26/06, 12/21/09, 6/28/10, 6/27/11, 5/14/12

Adoption Date: October 26, 2005

Woodland School District #404


Legal Reference:

WAC 392-121-182

Alternative learning experience requirements


RCW 28A.320.230

Instructional Materials-Instructional


Materials Committee

Cross References:

Board Policy


Curriculum Development and


Adoption of Instructional Materials



2. TEAM High School Courses

APEX Courses, Music and Washington State History are the courses that TEAM High School uses for students to complete the course requirements set forth by Woodland School District Policy No. 2410 (High School Graduation Requirements).   APEX courses and Washington State History are used at Woodland Middle School, Woodland High School, and Lewis River Academy. 

3. Documentation of ALE student headcount and full-time equivalent enrollment claimed for basic education funding.





Teacher/Student Ratio

September 2015




October 2015




November 2015




December 2015




January 2016




February 2016




March 2016




April 2016




May 2016




June 2016




September 2016




October 2016





4. Identification of the overall ratio of certificated instructional staff to full-time equivalent students enrolled in each ALE program.

TEAM High School has 2.2 FTE certificated teachers.  Teacher to student ratio is listed in the chart above broken down on a monthly basis.

5. Provide a description of how the program supports the overall goals for student achievement.

Below are the Woodland Board of Director’s District Goals.  After each goal is an explanation of how TEAM High School supports these goals.  

A. High-Quality Teaching & Learning

Our faculty and staff will provide effective and high-quality instruction by engaging student interests, exploring alternate pathways and leading by example, thereby promoting a powerful environment for learning. This process will be enhanced through the incorporation of proven tools, training, and classroom support.

TEAM High School supports this goal by providing high-quality instruction through the use of APEX curriculum which is taught by high-quality teachers.  We also teach Washington State History and a variety of music classes taught by our staff.  Our alternative school enables students to pursue a high school diploma in a non-traditional setting.  Our staff is trained regularly through the agreement with APEX as well as through the district using professional development structures instituted for the entire district such as Common Core in English Language Arts and Math.

B. A Safe, Healthy & Nurturing Environment

Our school climate will enhance educational performance by focusing on each child, meeting individual student needs by emphasizing safety, a healthy personal outlook, proper nutrition, and physical fitness.

TEAM High School focuses on each student as an individual.  The staff is familiar with each student by name and when our students need direction or help the staff extends services that are relevant such as U-Trend, counseling, free lunches and breakfasts, warm clothes, exercise, healthy lifestyles, etc.  We encourage students to take advantage of free or reduced lunches and breakfasts to benefit from a balanced meal.

C. Prudent, Conservative Fiscal Management

We will promote public trust through effective financial oversight and prudent management of District finances and cash reserves.

TEAM High School is issued a yearly budget.  Most of our budget is allocated to professional development aimed at instituting new changes that are required by law.  We attend every webinar and conference that deals with legislative changes and Alternative Learning Education.  Due to this, we have asked Brad Sprague and Mary Burnett on several occasions to train TEAM staff on APEX and SIPS and to coordinate our alternative schools.  We were notified this past year that a full audit will be performed during the 2016-2017 school year.

D. Effective Partnerships

We will leverage community skills and resources through compelling and innovative partnerships, working with our local business community, government entities, early learning providers, service clubs, senior centers, and other complementary organizations.

TEAM High School uses businesses and industries to help students understand the importance of a quality education.  Some of our students are employed by these businesses and support the student in earning a diploma.  McDonald’s, Burgerville and Safeway schedule the student’s work hours to accommodate education, knowing that the student will be more productive as a citizen with a diploma than without one.  Also several of our students over the years have taken advantage child-care services offered in our community.  Sometimes the payment for services is rendered in the student working at that childcare facility.  The student schedule allows students the opportunity to work or be with their children.

E. Community Outreach & Involvement

We will actively promote our District through effective, consistent and transparent communication, particularly with parents and families, instilling a sense of commitment throughout our community toward student success. Our outreach will be welcoming, inclusive, and relevant.

TEAM High School welcomes new students not only from Woodland but from neighboring districts such as Kalama, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, and LaCenter.  We accept students with Individualized Educational Plans, problems with discipline, learning issues in any of the core areas until we have maximized enrollment then students are put on a waiting list.  It is not uncommon for a student who wishes to try a different educational system to experiment with TEAM High School to see if it works for them.  

6. Share results of any self-evaluations.

TEAM High School has not performed a self-evaluation recently so do not have results to share.TEAM High School Improvement Plan

7. TEAM High School Improvement Plan


By spring 2016, 100% of the senior class at TEAM High will meet standard on the English Language Arts State Exam or the reading and writing state exams.  This will be accomplished by our TEAM staff, teaching students how to better comprehend text and support answers with evidence during individualized instruction starting in November.  The curriculum is from the OSPI Website and Common Core State Standards. 

By spring 2016, 100% of the senior class at TEAM High will meet standard on the Algebra 1 Math End of Course Exam or Geometry End of Course Exam or Smarter Balanced Math Exam.  This will be accomplished by the TEAM staff teaching students to decipher and decode mathematical equations and use critical problem-solving skills during individualized instruction starting in November.

By spring 2016, 100% of the senior class at TEAM High will meet or exceed standard on the Biology End of Course Exam or the Comprehensive Next Generation Science Standards.  This will be accomplished by the TEAM staff teaching students to use the correct scientific method to demonstrate their understanding of biology starting in November using individualized instruction.