TEAM Report

To: Michael Green

From: Dan Uhlenkott

Date: October 24, 2016

RE: TEAM High School Report      


Upcoming Audit

Every three or four years TEAM will receive a full audit, just like every other alternative school in the state.  We are not aware of the exact dates yet.  This should be an audit in which they come into the district and analyze our records.   Recently the audits have been electronic. 

Alternative School Workshop

Every year our state association conducts an alternative learning workshop.  This year it will be on November 4 at Cascadia Tech.   TEAM staff will participate in this workshop.  The workshop will cover proper protocols and procedures with an emphasis on new rules and regulations. 

Annual Report

Alternative schools are required to give an annual report to the board of directors.   This will be discussed during the first board meeting in November.

Lewis River Academy

At the high school level, Lewis River Academy students are monitored and checked by the two teachers at TEAM High School.  This is a change from last year.  When LRA students need academic assistance or checks on their weekly and monthly reports, they will be in touch with TEAM High teachers.