Woodland Primary School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: October 18, 2016

RE: Monthly Report Woodland Primary School (Grades PreK-1)


WaKIDS/Full-Day Kindergarten

The Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS) is a transition process that helps to ensure a successful start to the K-12 experience and connect the key adults in a child’s life. The three critical components are family connection, whole-child assessment, and early learning collaboration. Kindergarten teachers have been engaged in meaningful conferences with parents, and are currently completing a thorough developmental assessment of each child. This week, we will join community partners in the early learning field for the beginning steps in coordinating services for children as they transition into the school system.

Open House and Book Fair

Woodland Primary opened our doors to the community on the evening of October 4th. Clifford the Dog was here to greet children and families, and great fun was had by all! This event was extremely well-attended, and it was wonderful to have so many students showing families what they are learning.  

Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms/Behavior Management Training

Staff from both WPS and WIS attended a training on October 10th and 11th to increase behavior management skills and learn new child de-escalation strategies. This professional development experience is part of our multi-pronged approach to implement a comprehensive, research-based response to student behavior at WPS.


Woodland Primary has completed our first assessment window utilizing i-Ready, our new adaptive assessment tool for reading and mathematics. Kindergarten students are part of WaKIDS assessment in lieu of i-Ready for this first window only. Staff have analyzed data to inform interventions for current students, as well as adjust instruction based on the specific data i-Ready provides. This tool will be a significant support to ensure our school is engaged in a continuous, data-driven cycle of improvement.