Public Hearing on 2016-2017 Budget Pursuant RCW 28A.505.060

RCW 28A.505.060

Budget—Hearing and adoption of—Copies filed with ESD's.

On the date given in said notice as provided in RCW 28A.505.050 the school district board of directors shall meet at the time and place designated. Any person may appear thereat and be heard for or against any part of such budget. Such hearing may be continued not to exceed a total of two days: PROVIDED, That the budget must be adopted no later than August 31st in first-class school districts, and not later than August 1st in second-class school districts.
Upon conclusion of the hearing, the board of directors shall fix and determine the appropriation from each fund contained in the budget separately, and shall by resolution adopt the budget and the appropriations as so finally determined, and enter the same in the official minutes of the board: PROVIDED, That first-class school districts shall file copies of their adopted budget with their educational service district no later than September 3rd, and second-class school districts shall forward copies of their adopted budget to their educational service district no later than August 3rd for review, alteration and approval as provided for in RCW 28A.505.070 by the budget review committee.
Attached Files:
Draft 16-17 Full Budget Document.pdf 1MB application/pdf