Regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 27, 2016

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Regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 27, 2016

You can download a PDF version of this issue of Board Briefs by clicking this link. 



  • Next Board Meeting:
    • Monday, July 18, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. in the District Meeting Room.

  • Reports to the Board:
    • Facilities Director Scott Landrigan presented a Facilities and Safety Report to the board which included an increase in reported injuries from Woodland Primary School. Landrigan explained that he heard certain injuries weren’t being reported so he met with the staff to discuss the importance of reporting all injuries to improve safety changes. Landrigan also stated that he would be visiting the other school staffs to have similar discussions to improve safety. Director Matt Donald asked about the status of the new playground equipment at Woodland Intermediate School which Landrigan said is holding up in excellent condition. Entire presentation:
    • Business Manager Stacy Brown gave a Financial and Enrollment Report to the Board. Director Sarah Stuart asked if Brown could provide graphical representations for the board to see the year-over-year variances to which Brown answered that she would provide that information in an upcoming financial presentation. Entire presentation:

  • Board Reports, Requests, and Comments:
    • Director Steve Madsen commented that he had been receiving questions from community members regarding the length of bus rides to the Cougar area. Madsen suggested performing a survey to see the difference between community members’ perceptions of bus ride times and the actual bus ride times.
    • Director Donald commented that 43 additional houses will be built in a local community within the next year with the possibility of an additional 35 coming soon which could bring additional new students to the district.

  • Discussion Items:
    • KWRL Director Shannon Barnett provided an end-of-year update about the transportation cooperative. Barnett discussed the Washington laws (WACs) providing oversight to cooperatives and funding. Barnett provided an overview of the number of hours driven and number of miles driven for the member districts. Barnett also presented the coop's financial statement. KWRL is identifying all student transportation properly to ensure accurate funding from OSPI. Barnett discussed the Transportation Vehicle Fund, giving credit to the founding coop superintendents for buying a nice fleet right from the beginning. Barnett provided a 13-year focus on bus depreciation and purchasing new vehicles. KWRL maintains a fund balance for unfunded changes such as using laminate glass to improve safety and adding security cameras with KWRL buses currently having six (6) on-board cameras along with a dashboard camera. The cameras record their data to SD memory cards, making it easy to review and store footage. Since 2000, there hasn't been an at-fault injury accident. For on-bus bullying, Barnett reviews security footage to ensure that if bullying does take place, that proper action is taken. With Woodland specifically, Barnett spoke of the hybrid model for bus routes. The high school and middle school form one group with the primary and intermediate school in another group; 50% of students go right home, 50% go to one other school, but no students go to more than one other school. In order to improve trips to Cougar, another bus would need to be added. Assistant Superintendent Asha Riley indicated there aren't many K-2 students at Yale Elementary traveling to Woodland, however, next year may see many more 5th grade Yale students transitioning to the Woodland schools which could affect transportation needs for the area. KWRL is looking at changing the GPS tracking system to make it more robust with improved overall tracking and mechanical reporting. KWRL is looking at improving its website presence by linking Facebook into KWRL's messaging. Barnett is also looking at allowing parents tracking their students' buses using Skyward Family Access. Entire presentation:
    • The Board of Directors agreed for the next board meeting to take place on Monday, July 18 at 5:30 p.m.

  • Action Items:
    • The Board voted to approve the Roofing Contract for the KWRL building. The Board approved the Serendipity Center Agreement. The Board also authorized the purchase of property at 2280 Lewis River Road.


Monday, July 18, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at the District Meeting Room.