Regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 13, 2016

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Regular Board Meeting on Monday, June 13, 2016

You can download a PDF version of this issue of Board Briefs by clicking this link. 



  • Citizen Request to Address the Board:
    • Lynnell Tsugawa-Murray, Associate Administrator, asked to address the board so she could thank the Board and the District for the year-long opportunity she has had to intern here as an Associate Administrator. Murray specifically thanked Steven Carney, Juliann McCarthy, and Deb Kernen for helping her grow as an administrator along with the entire admin team.

  • Special Presentation - Athletics and Activities in Woodland Public Schools
    • Paul Huddleston, Athletic Director, gave a special presentation on athletics and extracurricular activities. He began by presenting the program's mission statement: “to achieve and maintain a culture of excellence and integrity.” Research shows that school climate impacts student achievement, so the athletic program is working on having student athletes become servant leaders by demonstrating accountability and respect both in and out of competition. Huddleston spoke of the results of a survey showing high levels of participation in athletics and activities which also gathered information about other athletics and activities that interest students. Many indicated an interest in a swim program as well as a middle school soccer program. Huddleston shared information showing the very low level of high school athletes who play at college or professional levels. He tells students that if they are concerned about getting a scholarship, focus on getting a 4.0 GPA as academic merit often results in a higher probability of scholarship assistance. Huddleston strives to help parents keep perspective; it's very unlikely for high school student athletes to become professional athletes, so keeping options open is a top priority for student athletes. Huddleston talked about the sports banquet which was started a few years ago to honor and encourage multisport athletes where the Scholar Athlete of the Year recognizes student athletes who also received a 4.0 GPA with Cierra Daugherty; Dillon Franke; and Kenya Byrnes winning this year. McKay Flanagan and Katie Kern both received the Rudy Award recognizing cooperation and teamwork among players. The Athlete of the Year represents the entire package (both athletics and academics) and was awarded to Jessica Flanagan and Tristan Thomas. Director Matt Donald asked about the biggest challenges facing the program, to which Huddleston said that “lawnmower parents,” those who mow down any obstacles for student athletes, can be a challenge.  A second challenge is encouraging all students to engage in athletics and activities. There are some who are disengaged and disinterested. Active participation positively impacts student academic performance. Director Lesa Beuscher asked if coaches with more experience are paired up with others. Huddleston stated that the coaches are wonderful role models who collaborate and share ideas with one another. Director Steve Madsen asked about using community volunteers. Huddleston explained that there is extensive training required for an individual to becoming a volunteer, but there are still quite a few volunteers. The full report can be viewed online:

  • Board Reports, Requests, and Comments:
    • Director Madsen spoke of taking his dog-sled team to Yale Elementary and demonstrating the team to students.
    • Director Beuscher asked about the new orientation for kindergarten. Superintendent Green talked about the goal to balance classes in upper grades, but, in kindergarten, staff doesn't yet know these students, so the district uses a different strategy where students meet teachers and will be assigned for the first three days. Adjustments may occur following the three-day introduction.

  • Reports to the Board:
    • Student Representative Taylor Vossen talked about the high school track team making it to state. Vossen introduced Jamie Gonzalez, who will be the 2016-17 student representative. Vossen thanked the board for the opportunity to be the high school representative.
    • Lynnell Tsugawa-Murray talked about summer school attendance and how the summer school program works with students being invited to attend based on their academic performance. Superintendent Green spoke of credit recovery at the high school as a way for students to make up credits.
    • Director Donald thanked the board and spoke of WMS Principal Jake Hall and WMS Assistant Principal Angela Campbell's excellent work transitioning leadership at the middle school over this school year.
    • Superintendent Green spoke of the Woodland Primary School receiving an award for achieving top 5% in the state for academic performance in English Language Learning (ELL).

  • Action Items:
    • Property Rezone Request: The district owns property in the vicinity of an area owned by Patrick "Beau" Holwick and Levi Kruse. Holwick and Kruse requested the district join in a rezoning request in order to allow construction of a four-plex. Director Madsen moved for approval and the board voted to pass the rezoning.
    • Textbook Approval for Woodland Middle School: The Board of Directors approved three books for use at the middle school: “Old Yeller,” “Tale of Despereaux,” and “Becoming Naomi Leon.”
    • Approval of Healthy Kids-Healthy Schools Grants: The Board of Directors approved the use of grant funds for installing water-filling stations. Director Donald asked if there would be a cost to the district, and Superintendent Green said the cost, if any, would be minimal. The board approved the measure unanimously.
    • Approval of EOCF Agreement Renewal: The board approved the Educational Opportunities for Children and Families (EOCF) agreement for continued use of the Woodland Center for the 2016-17 school year.


Monday, June 27, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at the District Meeting Room.