Teaching and Learning Report



DATE:    June 8, 2016



Proposed Adoptions:


This month we have three books proposed for adoption in the middle school. They are intended for supplemental use in 6th-grade classrooms.

The titles of the books with links to summaries are below.

Old Yeller

The Tale of Despereaux

Becoming Naomi Leon


Comprehensive Assessment System:

Last month the principals and I met on three occasions to analyze our assessment practices and answer three important questions.

What decisions do we need to be informed with data?

What kind of data do we need to make these decisions?

What assessments will provide us the data we need?

We first started by reviewing the list of current assessment practices across our system. This included classroom based assessments to state assessments. We then explored how the data has helped us make decisions and whether or not they actually gave us the information we were seeking.  We are now currently making decisions about the assessments we need to be using next year, how often we’ll collect data, and how we’ll use that data to make informed decisions about teaching and learning. I look forward to having an articulated assessment system that will inform us on our progress toward student achievement for all K-12 students.