What do state assessments mean for Woodland's schools and students?

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This spring, our students are once again participating in state-mandated standardized tests. The results of these assessments provide our teachers and administrators with valuable information about whether we are meeting our students’ academic needs and how we can improve teaching in our classrooms.

The assessments also will give us a sense of how our students are progressing in their learning.

However, student success is defined by so much more than just one test. If families want to know how well their students are doing, they should look at weekly assignments, unit tests, report cards, and the communications they have with their students’ teachers. Those are the best sources of information for how students are progressing.

Not a single standardized test.

Some of our teachers share a video with their classes before testing begins. It’s called “This Test Does Not Define You.” We invite you to share it with your students at home and assure them that whether they end up with a low score or high, they should never, ever think the outcome of these tests will determine their future.