Special Education Report

To:      Michael Green
From:  Deb Kernen
Date:   February 3, 2016
Re:      Monthly Special Services Report


This month I want to update you about our K-4 Learning Assistance Program (LAP).  This is a state funded program that serves students who are below grade level in the area of reading at WPS, WIS & Yale. Lynnell Tsugawa-Murray is our LAP coordinator this year and is leading our efforts with this program.  Under her guidance, students are identified using a universal screener (DIBELS), and teacher input from CAST meetings, that shows us which students are below grade level and in need of intensive reading support. 

Students have just begun their Tier 3 supplemental instruction program using the Imagine Learning computer based language and literacy intervention. Students spend 100 minutes a week receiving research based, instructionally differentiated and fun to use instruction.  Student progress is closely monitored through weekly progress reports generated from the program.  We are also going to be implementing Imagine Learning with some of our Title 1 and special education 5/6 grade students at Woodland Middle School as well.  We’re really excited about watching our students engaged in their learning and seeing their reading data improve!!