TEAM Report


To:        Michael Green

From:   Dan Uhlenkott

Date:    February 8, 2016

RE:       Monthly TEAM Report                     

I am working closely with Sarah Gray so that she has valuable experiences in administration.  Sarah is passionate about alternative education and desired to gain administrative experience so she has been working with me at TEAM High School in order to get that experience and possibly become the principal of TEAM High School in the future.  She is a fast learner and has gained “real life” experiences such as interviewing, contacting candidates letting them know that they did not get the position, answering difficult questions from parents, filling out Social Security forms, etc. 

Several students will be taking the Math End of Course Exam and the Science End of Course Exam the first week of February.  These students (especially the seniors) are required to pass these exams as one of the requirements to earn a diploma.  Seniors can also take and pass the exams in the June but will not get the results back in time for the graduation ceremony that is why passing this exam in February is very valuable for seniors.

Mia Nigro will be leaving us at the semester.  As a staff, we held interviews and our number one candidate is Jillian Jacobs, who has been teaching in California.  We have recommended her to Michael and with his approval she will be recommended to the school board.  She has a diverse background in teaching experiences and has obtained an English major but is willing to get highly qualified in the social studies areas also.  We are very excited to have her on board and are looking forward to her assets enhancing our program at TEAM High School.