Woodland Primary School Report

TO:         Michael Green
FROM:  Juliann McCarthy  
DATE:   February 3, 2016
RE:        Monthly Report Woodland Primary School (Prek-1)


  • Play Works

WPS and WIS are working collaboratively to bring Play Works  program to our K-4 students.   Play Works teachers recess supervisors to structure recess play time to engage students in meaningful gross motor activities while keeping the playground a safe and friendly place by teaching social skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution.    With the generosity of our PTSA, we are hoping to bring this training to our staff in the month of February.

  • Focus on Learning

WPS is continuing the work of building a Mutlitiered System of Support (MTSS).  Looking at both the academic and behavioral needs of our students, the system is designed to provide a strong universal support for all students in the core academic learning areas and  in meeting behavioral  expectations.  Through data collection, students in need of greater support in order to demonstrate proficiency in the foundational skills are identified and provided support that includes increases in frequency, duration and/or intensity of instructional approaches.   Those students who are not making the expected gains through Tier I and Tier II are then identified for additional support in Tier III.   Throughout all of this, students remain in the core (Tier I) and continue to receive Tier II even while receiving support in Tier III.  

This is a continuous process that is constantly evolving especially as we are early in our implementation.   A Tiered System that is effective includes a constant recycling of data reviews and evaluation to determine what is needed at each tier. 

  • Upcoming events:
    • 1st Grade CAST Feb 10
    • Play Works Training-Feb 16 and 17
    • Kindergarten CAST Feb 17
    • Reading Night-March 1
    • Read Across America-March 2