WHS Change Order #29

Attached is Change order #29 for Woodland High School.   The total amount of the change order is $33,915.  




CCD-149-Free Throw Lines at the Gyms:  The orignial striping plan did not include free throuw lines for the side baskets.   These were added after the floor was finished.


CCD-150 Repair Cords on OFOI Equipment: Much of the shop equipment was moved from the old shop.  We asked the contractor to replace several cords in the interst of student safety.


CCD 151 T&M Wall Porjector in Culinary Arts:  We needed to make changes to the dual projector system in culinary arts to accomodate the needs of the instructor.


CCD 152 T&M Electrical Switch Covers:  Throughout the school we added lexan covers to switches and control plates.


CCD 157 Robinson Road Cul-D-Sac Grinding and Paving per City of Woodland:  There was a significant birdbath in the Cul-D-Sac that needed to be remediated as required by the city.


CCD 158  Accounstical Wall Panels at the Band Room:  The accoustics in the band room are far less than optimal.   This CCD ads several engineered panels to the walls in the band room to deaden the sound a bit.


COP 88R Modify Light Pole Arm on Dike Access Road:  The west most light pole on Dike Access interfered with power lines.  the arm on the pole must be shortened so it can be installed.


Adminsitratiive Recommendaiton /MOTION/ "I move we approve Change Order #29 as presented"



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