Approve declaration of Surplus Property

In the process of cleaning out schools and classrooms as we did large scale moves this summer there have been identified a very large collection of "surplus" furniture, equipment, and materials.   These have been collected in the Port of Woodland Warehouse on DownRiver Drive.

We have extended to staff the opportunity to peruse the surplus to take any items they may need in thieir classrooms.

Beginning Tuesday August 25 we will be holding a "garage sale" style sell off of surplus items.  Following this we will be disposing of any remaining surplus.

Attached are lists of items itentified and recorded for surplus. 


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ I move we approve the surplus of items and texts as identified and authorize thier sale and disposal.

Attached Files:
Final Surplus 2015 - Surplus Items.pdf 76KB application/pdf
Final Surplus 2015 - Surplus Texts.pdf 142KB application/pdf