February 9, 2009 Regular Meeting Minutes




February 9, 2009 7:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Jim Bays, Bill Woodard, Janice Watts, Tina Cayton, Steve Madsen, Chelsey Rohm-Student Representative, Michael Green-Secretary, and Tegan Steen-Recording Secretary



Cari Thomson, Deb Kernen, Craig Downs, Stacy Brown, John Shoup, Cindy Elliott and Jeri Stith.





Bill Woodard moved to approve the minutes of the January 26, 2009 regular meeting.

Jim Bays yes
Janice Watts yes
Bill Woodard yes carried



Chelsey Rohm said that WHS students are a little uncertain about the new Opportunity Time schedule, but they seem interested in it.  She'll have more information about that at the next meeting since this schedule starts tomorrow. 



Michael Green gave the Board an update on Mark Houk and said that he is still recovering from his surgery and getting more tests. He said that Jim Imhoff is doing a great job at WPS.  Jim Bays asked Deb Kernen if the Board could see a sample of a student learning plan. She said she would provide one for the Board. Janice Watts said that when her student received one in the past, she wasn't sure what to do with the information and hadn't asked the teacher for more explanation. Deb said that each building has a different process. She thought this was good feedback to give to staff so that they can provide parents with more information as to how the plan is used.  Bill Woodard asked about the Longview/Kelso athletic league that Cari Thomson is researching. She said that if they participated, the transportation costs would be less and each student would get to play 10 games.  The Board discussed this with Cari.  Michael said that Jerry Deans prefers we stay with our current leagues so athletes can get ready for their level of competition.  Cari is still doing research.  In their Leadership meetings, WMS staff is working on how they provide student interventions.



Michael Green reported USNR has donated telephones to the District that will help cut costs for a telephone upgrade down the road.  He is having a hard time getting a date for a meeting that works for the majority of the Budget Advisory Team. He said it will probably be next week. Michael said the Opportunity Time schedule kicks off at WHS tomorrow. He said John Shoup had done a great job with this.  John Shoup said that students are receptive and very interested in how the Friday Rewards part of the program will work.  Board members received an invitation to a Career & Technical Education/Advisory and Community Symposium at WHS Library on March 3rd at 6:30pm.



Michael Green received a letter from Marty Martin of Milstead & Associates offering a complimentary consultation for construction services.  The Board received an invitation to a Safe Communities Task Force breakfast on February 27th at 7:30am to discuss gang activity.






Bill Woodard asked if the impact fee adjustment was on hold for the time being.  The Board discussed impact fees.  Jim Bays asked if Michael has heard any news on the Attorney General Opinion.  He said he would call Marney Allen and see if she's got an update.

WIAA Update
Bill Woodard brought the Board proposed amendments to the WIAA handbook. He reviewed these with the Board and asked them to get back with him, if they have feedback, so that he can get it to WIAA before they finalize the changes.

Janice Watts said that there has been one calendar committee meeting and another one set for this week. The Board discussed what people are saying about budget cuts in Woodland and other districts.  Steve Madsen said that he attended a Kindergarten Math Night at WPS. He said that the cafeteria was packed. He said he wished there were more events like this where parents can see what's going on in the classrooms. Michael said staff looks for opportunities like this, but costs to have staff there after hours is limited.



First Reading: Policy No. 2004 (Revised), 2126 (Revised), 3246 (New)

Michael Green said that the update to Policy No. 2004-Accountability Goals brings it up to date with the current statute.  The Board discussed the change. The update to Policy No. 2126-HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention Education is to correct language and terminology.  Policy No. 3246-Use of Reasonable Force is a new policy that gives the District some liability coverage and protects the student by requiring staff to be trained in mechanical restraint and show that it is part of the student plan.  This policy was recommended by WSSDA.  These policies will be on the next agenda for second reading and approval.


Superintendent Evaluation Tool
Jim Bays said that he and Bill Woodard had worked on the Superintendent Evaluation Tool and thought that it is better than the old one.  Michael provided a template for the goals he'll set each year. The Board discussed the evaluation tool and agreed to fill in individual forms before the next Board meeting. On the next agenda they will have an executive session to complete the evaluation as a group. 



*One of the A/P documents was left off of the consent agenda. While Stacy Brown looked up the information, the Board proceeded to the next action item.

Policy No. 3120-Enrollment-Second Meeting and Approval

Janice Watts moved to approve Policy No. 3120-Enrollment.

Steve Madsen  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
Bill Woodard  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried




The Board asked the citizens who arrived at the meeting late, if they had questions or input.  Cindy Elliott said that she wanted to discuss her student's discipline issue with the Board. After a discussion with the Board, Ms. Elliott decided to speak with Mr. Shoup about the matter as directed by Mr. Green.




The A/P item that did not attach to the consent agenda was a mechanic's tool reimbursement.

Janice Watts moved to approve the consent agenda.

Steve Madsen  yes
Tina Cayton  yes
 Bill Woodard  yes
Janice  Watts  yes  carried




Board President, Jim Bays, recessed the meeting into executive session at 8:27pm to discuss negotiations with no action to be taken upon return.

Board President, Jim Bays, reconvened the meeting into regular session at 9:01pm.




Board President, Jim Bays, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 9:01pm.


Secretary to the Board