WCE Report

To: Michael Green, Superintendent
From: K.Griffin, Community Liaison
For: School Board Meeting 2-23-09

I said I would provide cost figures for the Winter Brochure that was inserted vs. mailed. The savings was just over $200 for the run and amounted to a little over 1cent each for 16,000 brochures. I believe the response has been comparable but I will continue to search for cost savings. As I stated in the Admin meeting on Feb 17th it may become an on-line only publication with a couple of newspaper ads in the Reflector and Lewis River Review to promote classes as needed. We had about 40 students for the Hunters Ed class that began this week and the registrations for the March class have been coming at a brisk pace as well. We will begin work on the spring summer brochure in March with an early April distribution planned.

We have two weeks left of Youth Basketball. We will be attending the Blazer game as a group on 3/23 against the Philadelphia 76’rs. There is still time to purchase tickets at the price of $10 each. We have already started receiving numerous requests for gym time for Little League practice. I have attached the letter that we request Little League to distribute to each manager outlining appropriate use of our facilities. Things should ease up a bit in the gyms now that winter sports are coming to an end. Spring sports usually prove a bit challenging due to weather issues because they require a lot of indoor practice time.

We began holding ESL and GED classes in our Middle School building on February 2nd. It was a lightening quick transition and Carrie Thomson and her staff (Lauren Cockrell and Mark Knudsen) have been very gracious with use of their classrooms 4 nights a week. I met with the health department on Friday 2/13 and we also have the go ahead to implement health card testing here at the District. That transition will be a bit slower because the contract must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners. I am hoping for a March start up of that service.

Tegan and I will begin work on a grant to provide an AED to the District this week. If we receive it we will most likely place it at the Middle School/High School campus. The cost of these units is approximately $1000 per unit. I have been told there is some pending legislation that would require every school building to have one on premise by 2010. I have asked to see the bill. We are working with a company called CINTAS. The emergency backpacks have been delivered and distributed at WPS with the extra’s going up to Yale. The next batch will go to WIS and on up the line as they are purchased with the Safe Schools grant money.

Numbers for WCC and YCC are attached. Missy has cut back on staffing because of lower numbers. When cuts are required child care is an area that gets cut and I fear there are kids going home to an empty house as a result of the economic downturn.

WCC Report:
Our attendance at WCC is still lower than normal, we registered 1 new student. I have adjusted hours on 3 staff members until numbers pick up. We are still earning about $115.00-$135.00 monthly from Safeway and the eScrip program. Mad Science is going well. Thank-you Missy

Week January 19 thru 23 ( total kid's for the day / just after school)
19TH Holiday, 20th 44/28, 21st 40/27, 22ND 36/28 23rd 36/28

Week January 26 thru 30
No School WCC open 18 kids 27th 45/27 28th 38/28 29th 40/28 30th 34/20

Week February 2 thru 6
58/25 3rd 50/28 4th 39/27 5th 37/20 6th 32/23

Week February 9 thru 13
56/28 10th 40/20 11th 41/27 12th 45/29 13th 32/27

Week February 17 & 18
46/31 18th 46/30

These are exact numbers for the last 4 weeks plus beginning of this week. WCC has 127 active registrations. THANK YOU!

YCC Report:

Here are our recent numbers.

Jan 22 = 12 children

Jan 23 = 3 children

Jan 26-30 = 14 children (4 days)


Feb 2-6 = 24 children (5 days)

Feb 9-13 = 26 children (5 days)

Feb 16-19 = 17 children (3 days)

-Lesley Miller  

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