Parliamentary Procedure: Board Rules of Order

Recently Revised Policy 1400 calls for the board to use Robert's Rules of Order (Revised) as a guide, except when such rules are superseded by Board Rules of Order.

Considering the training on Robert's Rules that our board hosted and attended it is a good time to review the use of Robert's and identify modifications that the Board may wish to make to Robert's for effective meeting management.  Attached is an example from a school district in Minnesota where the rules have been clearly stated and/or amended.

There are many topics that the Board may wish to discuss that will guide staff in writing a draft set of meeting rules of order.

Among them:

Use of a "second"

Recording of meeting in "minutes"  (two documents from Ms Mcfarlane attached)

Approval of meeting minutes

"Friendly amendments"

Attached Files:
Action+Minutes+Serve+City+Best.pdf 68KB application/pdf
Are+Summary+Minutes+Right+for+Your+Board.pdf 70KB application/pdf
Rules of Order.pdf 91KB application/pdf