TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     April 13, 2015


Some of our TEAM students have had a lot on their plates recently.  Some took the HSPE Exam in March and had to pass one or both of the state assessments.  Culminating Project Presentations were on March 28.  During this presentation some described their backgrounds and struggles.  It gives us a better understanding of their accomplishments to overcome academic and domestic hurdles.  Some of these same stories will be shared at graduation.  As it turned out all of the students who presented passed, however we still have some students who have not presented yet. 

Also, some of our students have finished all their coursework, passed the state assessments and culminating project and will be on stage receiving their diplomas in June.  Others will be finishing in the next two months.  This year TEAM High graduation will be June 10.