WHS Turf Field Graphics

The Turf Field as bid was a standard field without any graphics identifying it as "Woodland".  The team, at the behest of the WHS administration requested pricing for adding graphics to the field; a large "W" at center field and the words Woodland and beavers on the end zones.  The price tag for this change is higher than I anticipated, at $53,000.

In looking at what our neighbors have done relative to graphics on fields, the Vancouver and Evergeen fields have no additional graphics (these fields are shared among high schools).  Camas also has no graphics and does not share their field.

Kalama, Ridgefield and Washougal all have centerfield graphics and no endzone graphics.

The Change Order Proposal attached shows the details and costs associated with the proposed graphics.  I have also requested that Sprinturf break down the costs so we can evaluate the centerfield graphic as a standalone piece.  The contractor has indicated that the estimated cost of the centerfield graphic alone is about $18,000.


Because this is a very costly change I wish the board to guide the decision.  Administrativley, there are varying opinions as to the direction we should recommend.

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