LRA Report

RE Lewis River Academy

This fall our curriculum provider for grades K-8 made some decisions at the corporate level that resulted in some difficulty for our families. In an effort to revise the curriculum to better align to the common core standards for math and English language arts they made some significant changes to the curriculum. This revision was expected and welcome, but not well communicated. We discovered that the revisions impacted the organization of materials and led to confusion regarding what each student should have received. The company also made a decision to not print the teacher guides as they have in the past, instead they just linked them to their courses online. You can imagine how problematic it is for a parent and child to share one computer, one to read the lesson for the purpose of teaching, and the other to complete the lesson. After many exchanges with the company we were promised printed materials that we could provide our families. We have yet to see the books arrive. While we believe the content of resources are excellent we must ensure our families have access to the materials in a timely manner. We believe there are other quality resources out there for programs like ours and in light of the situation I have asked our staff to begin to research other potential online curriculum. Depending on what we learn we may pilot a new resource with a few families this spring.
Science Wednesday:
Had a great success with Astronomy Day on the 22nd! Interactive ability allowed all science classes to ask sun-related questions to the McDonald Observatory in West Texas.
School Improvement Plans:
This year we have updated our school improvement plan. This plan is required of schools with class sizes smaller than 40. It details last year's student achievement at each grade level, goals for this year, and steps to ensure continued improvement in student achievement. 
Attached Files:
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