WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School

Monthly Update

October, 2014


On October 22nd we hosted our third annual MSP Awards Assembly. This is a very formal ceremony. Students were honored and presented awards in the areas of most improved, perfect scores and 4’s on both the reading and math assessments. Mayor Laseke and Police Chief Mahoney were in attendance as distinguished guests and assisted with delivering awards. As achievement levels at WIS continue to rise so do the number of awards being presented during the ceremony. Two years ago WIS students earned 126 MSP awards. Last year WIS students earned 156 MSP awards. This year in the same categories WIS students were issued 184 MSP awards. For a school of approximately 490 students that is a tremendous accomplishment and great improvement in consecutive years. During the assembly our gym was filled to capacity with approximately 900 bodies. The positive response generated from parents and community leaders around this activity exceeds all other activities combined. One of the most gratifying aspects of the assembly is watching students with learning disabilities and Individualized Education Plans being recognized for their success and improvement. In many cases these are students who have never received an academic award. Pictures are attached.

We are in year two of our implementation of an Intervention Block. This is a focused block of 45 minutes where every WIS student receives targeted instruction in math or English/Language Arts on a daily basis. This support is proving to serve students very well as we continue to focus on closing the achievement gap. A document is attached that reflects this progress.

Student involved fall conferences took place in October.  Conferences were well attended.

Reconfiguration continues to be a hot topic at WIS. WIS the only school transitioning staff into and out of our building. In addition 100% of our student body will turn over.  






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