TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     November 10, 2014        

Our TEAM High Staff (Mia, Elly, Mary and myself) will be attending an alternative school conference sponsored by our state association (Washington Association for Learning Alternatives) on Thursday, November 6 at the Clark County Skills Center.  By attending we hope to learn if we are in compliance with the new changes dictated by the state.  Every year we electronically submit our files to the state auditor for their review. 

As the school board clearly communicated last month the TEAM High School state exam scores are not where they need to be.  Michael and I will be meeting on November 13 to review the plans we have set into place.  With a focused approach we are determined that students will be better prepared for these exams.

Our reading and writing lessons went well this last month.  Mia has been working with the students independently in small groups.  The reading and writing state assessments are in March so these groups will be doing every other month until we get closer to the exams.  Our first math and science state assessments will be at the beginning of February.  Elly has put together review packets that she will be using with the students.  They will be starting the middle of November and working right up to the February state exams.

Our enrollment spiked in October, as usual.   We are currently at 84 students by the time the school board gets this memo.  This is right on track compared to last year at this time with 85 students.