WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School

Monthly Update

November, 2008

Throughout the month of November our professional development opportunities have primarily focused on our reading adoption (Imagine It!).  In addition to our Monday morning trainings Dr. Jan Rauth also spent two full days teaching reading lessons in classrooms and facilitating follow up discussion groups with teachers.  Every classroom teacher had an opportunity to observe Dr. Rauth model a reading lesson and participate in the follow up discussion group.  This proved to be an extremely valuable learning opportunity for everyone involved.  We have scheduled Dr. Rauth to return in February for two additional days.  By the end of the year every classroom teacher will have had an opportunity to observe Dr. Rauth a minimum of three times.   

A second area of focus for the month of November was practice WASL assessment.  Grade level teams have started to develop plans for practice WASL assessments that will take place at each grade level and in multiple curricular areas.  Grade level teams are organizing release items from OSPI, planning the assessment dates, and curricular areas that will be assessed.  This activity will use the same format as the actual WASL test.  One of our goals is to create as realistic of a testing scenario as possible for our students. 

Our new drop in computer lab is now fully functional and available for classroom use.  Mr. Flanagan has been teaching his technology classes from the new lab.  This is in an effort to introduce and familiarize students with the new technology.  A few kinks are still being worked out, but we are very excited about the availability of new lab, and the opportunity for teachers to incorporate technology into teaching and learning on a more consistent basis.

Woodland Intermediate School is continually searching for new ways to conserve resources while at the same time improve communication between the school and home.  One method for accomplishing both tasks simultaneously is through the use of electronic mail (e-mail).  The WIS office is in the process of creating an electronic mailing (e-mail) list of families who would like to receive Friday newsletters, school bulletins, lunch menus, and other publications electronically.  As of December 11th over 250 WIS families have signed up for this service.

At the conclusion of the first quarter WIS was able to recognize 264 students as Academic Achievers (3.0 GPA and above), 393 students and Behavior Achievers (no behavior referrals), 88 students as Attendance Achievers (0 absences and 0 tardies), and 8 students as Accelerated Reader Achievers (25 or more AR points).