WCE Report

To: Michael Green, Superintendent

From: Kathleen Griffin, Community Liaison

For: School Board Meeting 12-15-08

Work has begun on the winter brochure. I will be distributing by inserting in the Reflector and the Lewis Review if I can meet the Review's deadline for insertion. I have inserted in the Reflector for quite a few years now the Review will be Kalama north. This will widen the distribution area and lessen the cost of distribution. We will track registration to see how well it works. It should lessen distribution cost by approximately one third. The Snowflake Bazaar and Turkey Bingo had some of the biggest crowds we have seen in years. Both events were very successful. I was fully expecting a down year but I had at least 15 calls for vendor space after the bazaar was full.

Numbers for youth basketball are up as well. We have about 115 registered so up about 25 or 2+ teams this year. We have had the usual flurry of late registrations but my intent is to get shirts ordered this week and start the scheduling as soon as I get numbers from Kalama. Practice began on Monday, December 8th at WPS, WIS and a couple of teams at WMS.

Facility use business has been brisk with the upcoming holidays but the fact that neither boys or girls high school basketball have C teams opened up a bit of space in the Middle School gym. It may get tight again when Middle School boys basketball begins in January.

The December Safe School meeting brought a reminder that the superintendents at their meeting approved implementation of one table top drill per district this year. I would like to talk about dates with you so that we can have a SSHS team in to assist and observe the drill. I was hoping to take an entire admin meeting because the drill will take approximately one and a half to two hours to complete. We have received the Safe Schools and Emergency Preparedness pamphlet that will be distributed this week to every student in the District. As you may recall the SSHS grant paid for the cost of printing this pamphlet. We are also expecting delivery of the emergency back packs that were also purchased by the SSHS grant for each classroom in the District. It would seem that due to a funding formula from OSPI we may receive all the backpacks instead of a portion over three years as was originally announced.

The numbers for WCC and YCC are attached. The day before Thanksgiving had very poor attendance at WCC. If you recall we added some days this year to the program to accommodate parent's schedules on non school days. We will most likely remove this day from the calendar next year due to poor attendance and the staffing costs.

I will be taking vacation December 24th through January 4th inclusive. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

WCC Report:
We registered 1 new pre-K daily student. Our numbers are averaging 33 to 40 something after school. I am delivering 5 baby blanket gift bags to the Life Hope pregnancy center Friday. The kid's made these baby blankets this summer in WCC. We had about 10-12 different kid's spend time working on these blankets. They enjoyed this project 2 years ago and the center sent a thank-you card with baby pictures of the recipients. The kid's were very excited about that. WCC will be open the first two days of Christmas break, using the cafeteria and gym. The day before Thanksgiving did not prove to be a benefit to be open, we had 4 kids which were all picked up by 2:30. Thanks Missy

YCC Report:

Week of Nov 17-21 = 22 children ( 5 days ) , 4 children per day

Week of Nov 24-28 = 11 children ( 2 days ) , 5.5 children per day

Week of Dec 1-5 = 23 children ( 5 days ) , 5 children per day

Days of Dec 8 & 9 = 13 children ( 2 days ) , 6 children per day

Thank you!!
Lesley Miller


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