Approve Change Order #9

This change order will be for ground and polished floors.  Detals to be provided Wednesday evening.

In Friday Notes on June 13, I discussed details about a concrete floor polishing process commonly known by the proprietary name "RetroPlate".    After reviewing the challenges posed with concrete conditions and the specified process of staining it is the advice of the design team that we reconsider this process.   After a thorough review of the process, including a site visit to a location with retroplate floors and a mock-up on the current concrete surface at WHS, I agree.  

The bottom line benefit is two-fold:

1) Appearance.... This floor will be much nicer looking than the stained concrete.

2) Maintenance... This floor will require NO waxing and polishing.  Only cleanup using an autoscrubbing machine.  This will save many hours on the part of custodians year-after-year.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  I move we ratify Change Order #9 as presented.