Resolution No.2589

WSSDA has requested boards consider passing a resolution urging Congress to amend and reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It has been more than a dozen years since this critical law has been updated.   The following is based on their recommended resolution language:


Woodland School District

Resolution No. 2589


WSSDA ESEA Resolution
Urging Congress to Show Leadership and Reauthorize ESEA


Whereas, the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was created and adopted by Congress to provide equal access to a free public education based upon high academic standards for all children, regardless of ethnicity or financial economic status; and

Whereas, Congress has reauthorized the original ESEA of 1965 every five years until the year 2001, when Congress acted and passed the current version of ESEA (known as the No Child Left Behind Act); and

Whereas, a generation of students, K through 12, have completed their elementary and secondary education careers since the 2001 reauthorization; and

Whereas, the 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (known as the No Child Left Behind Act) has been acknowledged by Congressional leaders, Secretary of Education, and educational leaders as flawed; and

Whereas, the current law contains mandates and requirements that are ineffective and costly to local school districts; and

Whereas, the accountability provisions in the current law unfairly and inaccurately reflect the academic progress of students, schools, and school districts resulting in public schools labeled as “failing” by No Child Left Behind and subject to punitive sanctions that are costly and ineffective; and

Whereas, the current law has resulted in the misrepresentation of students, schools, and districts and contributed to a significant and unwarranted decline in the public’s opinion of our public schools; and

Whereas, the House and Senate Education committees have begun the legislative process with the passage of comprehensive bills that are now ready for full House and Senate floor voting, and although these bills are not perfect, they are a good start.  We must continue the momentum to ensure that ESEA is reauthorized by Congress this year; and

Whereas, the continued inaction of Congress continues to directly impact the educational opportunities of over 1,047,000 students and the operations of the 295 Public School Districts in Washington State; and

Whereas, lack of reauthorization of ESEA Legislation continues to give the US Department of Education the unlawful ability to penalize, label and financially sanction states that do not comply with the department’s mandates; and

Whereas, for the continued success and benefit to ALL public school children, it is imperative for Congress to lead and ensure that ESEA is reauthorized:

Be it therefore resolved by the Board of Directors for the Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA)

We, the undersigned, strongly urge Congress to make this a legislative priority and reauthorize ESEA no later than the end of the next legislative session.

Adopted this 23rd day of June, 2014.


                                                                        WOODLANDSCHOOL DISTRICT #404

                                                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS



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Secretary to the Board                                 President













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