Please Approve Change Order #7

 Change Order 7 is attached.   The total of the Change Order is $41,208.  Below is a summary of each of the different parts of the change order.


CCD 016 – Changes to resolve conflicts between footings and storm piping. 

CCD 020 – Revise/enlarge base of berm between pond and diking ditch to provide 6’ base with maximum allowed slope. 

CCD 021 – Provide plumbing connections to ice makers in science prep rooms. 

CCD 024 – Revise door veneers to rift cut. 

COP 021 – Credit for removing the entry mats form Skanska contract. Now provided by carpet supplier under direct district contract. 

COP 022R1 – Increase pipe size for main domestic water supply in south wing 

COR 033 – Adjustments to compensate contractor for weather delay, heavy snow between Feb. 6th to Feb. 11th

COR 046 - Additional joist costs for point loads not shown on drawings 

COR 067 - Change exposed conduits in Gym storage areas to heavy duty type for safety. 

COR 081 – Provide trench drain needed at service yard, not shown on drawings. 

COR 083R1 – Provide plumbing connections for 12 dishwashers, not shown on drawings. 

COR 086 – Provide plumbing for cooler in Floral Lab, not shown on drawings. 

COR 087 – Provide connections to underground storm piping and area drains, not shown on drawings. 

COR 088 – Provide acid dilution tank in fume hood in Chemistry Lab, not shown in drawings. 

COR 090 – Compensate earthwork contractor for additional work at ball fields. 

COR 091 – Changes to steel door frames in Aux. Gym to accommodate block dimensions. 


Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 007 signature - 140619.pdf 58KB application/pdf
WHS CO 07 board summary.pdf 174KB application/pdf