Please Accept Bid of Columbia Pacific Contractors for the completion of the Yale Elementary School Water System Improvements

With the remodel of the Yale Gym, it was discovered that a water project approved in the 1990's during construction of the Yale School addition was never completed.   At that time, HDJ Design had engineered a solution that utilized the old spring-fed tank, pumping well water to it and using it to gravity feed the school.  The health department gave approval to proceed with the remodel of the gym conditioned on the completion of this water project.

Over the last year, HDJ has been working with the health department on a significant revision to the Small Water system plan; (we are required to have a plan that is as comprehensive as a utility company or water district because we are a public entity).  This plan has included design and approval of a new tank designed to provide adequate potable well water for the school facility.  Currently, the small pressure tank is inadequate to serve the school.  If a toilet is left running, it will leave the school without water until the system recharges.

This project will include the installation of an 11,000 gallon partially buried fiberglass tank, a new pump and pressue system, and associated electrical and plumbing work within the school.

The design estimate for the construction project was between $45,000 and $65,000. (exclusive of the tank and pump which were ordered by the district before bid opening)  There were two bids opened.  The bid tabulation was as follows:


Contractor Base Bid Amount Unit Price A Addenda Acknowledged Bond
Redinger, Inc. $84,710.29 $50 Yes Yes
Columbia Pacific Contractors, Inc. $68,300.00 $48 Yes Yes


As you can see, the lowest bid was just slightly above the upper range of the project estimate.   I have spoken to customers of other public projects that Columbia Pacific has completed.  The references affirmed that they are a responsible bidder.

I recommend the acceptance of their bid.


Administrative recommendation /MOTION/ "I move that we accept the bid of Columbia Pacifc Contractors for the Yale water project and that we authorize the superintendent to execute appropriate contract on the board's behalf."

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