Approval of Progress Center Contract

To:      Michael Green                      
From: Deb Kernen
Date:  6/16/2014

Re:      Progress Center Contract

As you know, Progress Center is located in Longview and has been providing 0-2 services for over a decade for our district.  They provide an extensive array of services for families of handicapped children.  Some of the services provided include:  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language Pathology, Special Education services in the home and in-center, classroom, child find screenings, Neurodevelopmental Testing and nurse consulting.

Progress Center qualifies children according to state regulations and our district is provided all the paperwork/information.    Our staff and I review the records and are included in the yearly Individual Family Service Plan. This year, we have averaged about 9 children per month being served through this program.  Once the child turns 3 and continues to be developmentally delayed, they transition into our special ed. Preschool if they continue to qualify for services.  This is a slight increase ($5.06 per child) from last year’s contract,  however,  we haven’t seen an increase from them since 2011.  I would like to recommend that we accept this contract.

Attached Files:
Progress Center 2014-15 Contract.pdf 213KB application/pdf