Approval of Collective Bargaining Agreement between Woodland Secretaries Assn. and Woodland Public Schools

The Woodland Secretaries Association has ratified a four-year agreement that is now presented to you for approval.  Initally in bargaining, there were several requests on the part of the union for enhancements to their wage and benefit package.  In the end, the association identifed the enhancement of wages as their top priorioty.    

Using comparison data from other school districts, we put together a proposal that was reflective of the startegy historically employed by the district relative to employee compensation— midpoint of comprable districts in the area.   As you can see from the attached document,  the offer was slightly richer than the Clark/Cowlitz school districts that are the prime market comparison.   We locked in a four-year agreement in exchange for this slight enhancement.

Attached Files:
Secretary Comps.pdf 36KB application/pdf
WSA CBA 14-18 Final.pdf 180KB application/pdf
WSA CBA 14-18 Redline.pdf 225KB application/pdf