Change Order # 6

Change Order #6 is a collection of Construction Change Directives, Change Order Proposals (Contractor Generated), Change Order Requests (Owner/Architect Generated) totalling $37,885.  


  • CCD 015 – Some structural steel to support the edge of roof framing at gridline K/5 that was not shown on drawings.  This was to add in the steel that was needed.
  • CCD 017 – This was an owner-requested change to upgrade the roofing membrane to a self-healing adhered underlayment.  This was a very good price to substantially upgrade the shingle roof.
  • CCD 018 – There was a conflict with the detailing and the nailing pattern required for the roofing warranty.  The plywood sheathing has rigid insulation attached.  This insulation needed to be removed on the edge of the sheathing to allow proper nailing.
  • COP 005 – This was a credit to remove some redundant rebar in the CMU at the gym walls.
  • COP 016 – Add a steel lintel (small beam) over duct opening in the CMU gym walls.
  • COP 026 – This was a safety upgrade to add an automatic shut-off valve at the gas meter in the event of an earthquake.
  • COP 027 – Change out the standard floor drain traps in the 3d art room with a trap that can collect clay and be cleaned to avoid long term maintenance problems
  • COR 061 – This was to add steel rebar to the CMU HVAC chase in the gyms that was not shown on the drawings.
  • COR 065 – The referenced steel detail was not correct and the steel needed to be modified to accommodate field conditions.
  • COR 066 – Minor change in steel framing to accommodate roof hatch.
  • COR 069 – Drawings did not include plumbing accommodation for washing machine.  Added water plumbing and waste piping.
  • COR 073 – Added shut-off valves for the main non-potable hot and cold water that were not shown on the drawings.
  • COR 074 – A credit to decrease copper pipe size to 2” rather than the 3” shown on drawings.
  • COR 077 – Relocate steel roof beam that was in conflict with the access ladder to mechanical mezzanine.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  "I move we approve  Change Order 6 as presented"

Attached Files:
WHS - Change Order 006 W Attachments Signatures - 140519.pdf 9MB application/pdf