Reconfiguration of Schools

The Board has explored through two community forums, four different models for reconfiguration of schools once the new Woodland High School opens in the fall of 2015.   The four have narrowed to two options: 

Option “N”

(Neighborhood Schools)

Option “T”

(Tiered Schools)
PreK-4 Elementary at WPS
PreK-1 Primary at WPS
K-4 Elementary at WIS
2-4 “Pri-mediate” at WIS
5-8 Middle School at WMS/WHS Campus
9-12 High School at New WHS


Though the administration feels Option "N" is in the best long-term educational interest of the school district as we transition, there is a clear and vocal preference from the community that they prefer, and find advantages to, Option "T."  There will be challenges with either model; none are unsurmountable.  The bottom line for the administration is that the schools belong to the community.  As such, the administrative recommendation is that the Board approve Option "T".

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we reconfigure our schools as proposed in Option "T""