WMS Report

Date:      12/3/2008

To:          Michael Z. Green, Superintendent

From:     Cari Thomson, PhD

RE:          November Summary of Teaching and Learning

November has been another busy month at Woodland Middle School!

Professional development on Mondays has centered on department collaboration as well as staff members receiving individual instruction on their web pages.  Additionally, WMS has staff members attend a boys' literature conference and a literature circle conference.  These teachers have come back and presented/disseminated information to the English department.  In looking at our 2008 WASL scores, we discovered a discrepancy in gender in the areas of reading and writing.  One of the English department's goals is to increase their knowledge of young adult literature that appeals to our male population as well as differentiation strategies when teaching novels. 

During November, the staff completed a survey on my leadership performance for my 360º evaluation.  This survey utilized some questions from the National Association of Secondary School Principals as well questions developed around Stephen Covey's framework of the habits of highly successful people.  The survey was done by staff electronically and anonymously.  Results were shared with the Building Leadership Team (BLT) and they identified areas of strengths and areas that we could work on as a building and as a leadership team.  The BLT presented the results to the staff in a faculty meeting, along with the areas the leadership team will be focusing on.

The 8th grade trip is being scaled down this year.  Due to the increasing costs of the trip and the decreasing economy, WMS has decided to offer eligible 8th grade students a one-day trip to Wild Waves in June.  The cost for each student would be approximately $25.00 per student and would cover their ticket, transportation, and sack lunch.  This is approximately one-fifth of the previous years' expense ($130.00 per student).  It is expected that more eligible students can participate and that our donations to fund students can support more students.  Additionally, Kim Dyson has stepped up to organize the parent sponsored 8th grade party.  The party will be on June 16 in the WMS/WHS commons.

Have a great holiday season!