WMS Report

Date:      3/31/14

To:          Michael Z. Green, Superintendent

From:     Cari Thomson, PhD

RE:          March Summary of Teaching and Learning 

During the month of February WMS staff spent time on Mondays looking at the Hess Matrix and examining questioning strategies that both teachers and students utilize to increase learning.  Teachers have developed lessons around the HESS Matrix and will be trying them out in April with other staff members observing them.  We will also be watching teaching videos during professional development time and analyzing them using the HESS Matrix.    

March was the month of student led conferences.  Woodland Middle School had a 99% turnout and the same percentage of students now have their scheduling requests in for next year.  Thanks to Woodland Intermediate School for having a great turnout as well.  This aids us in developing schedules for students based on their interests. 

Woodland Middle School is gearing up for the new Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Teachers will begin running students through the tutorials and practice tests on-line the week we get back from break.  Testing begins on May 1st

Robin Uhlenkott did a great job of facilitating the talent show this year.  As usual, WMS has some great talent!