WHS Phase 1 Change Order 3

In the process of excavating for footings on Phase 2 of the WHS project it was discovered that the Phase 1 contractor did not complete the specified scope of installation of the Geogrid fabric.   The came back and did some repair work last month.   After consulting with the soil improvement designer, (David vanThiel of Geogrid, inc) it was determined that some areas designed in phase 1 did not need to be installed.  Additionally we installed in a few areas that were not identified in Phase 1.  


As a result there was a credit of $14,190.50 issued.  This included costs assoicated with investigative work, phase 2 delays, and credit for work not completed and not needed.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we ratify the approval of WHS Phase 1 Change Order 3"

Attached Files:
140312 WHS Phase 1 CO3.pdf 78KB application/pdf