PreK-8 Space Use Options Plan

Construction Services Group has worked with the Administrative team to study our facitlities and present opptions that can be considered for space use as we move forward.  Through the process six options were developed and vetted by the administrative team.   Some of the options were eliminated because of program contraints and other factors that made them unfeasable.


In the end there were three options which we are moving forward for consideration by the board.

(Note:  All three options maintain Yale as a K-4 or K-5 program)


Option A:  2 P-3 Schools, a 4-6 school, and a 7-8 school

Option B: an Early Learing (PreK-K) program, two 1-5 schools, 6-8 middle school

Option C: Two PreK-4 schools, a 5-6 school, and a 7-8 school (or a 5-8 MS)


Each of these options eliminates the current district-wide service area and creates "Neighborhood" schools.   As we studied narrowing grade bands into the various schools we found that, with our growing student population, we will end up with 2 grade band schools so children and familes are transitioning every other year.  Additionally, challenges associated wtih the logistics and costs tied to transitions between schools are mitigated.

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