TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     March 10, 2014      

In January we met with the auditors at OSPI and felt good about documentation we provided during and after the meeting.  Stacy received a phone call requesting more documented data which we will gather and deliver. 

February 27 – March 1 the Washington Association for Learning Alternatives (WALA) had their spring conference in Vancouver this year.  Mark & Kim Knudson and myself attended all three days.  It was informative and worthwhile.  An example would be Boundary Exceptions for on-line schools must use the new electronic form developed by OSPI and will be optional for all schools.  We divided ourselves up in order to get the most out of the breakout sessions.  My notes to from this conference will be distributed this week to everyone who is associated with alternative learning. 

March 18-20 will be HSPE Testing for Reading and Writing.  Passing this exam (or equivalent) is a graduation requirement.  TEAM High School students test at Woodland High School using a couple of classrooms.  This ensures that the testing environment is the same for all students taking the test.