WMS Report

Date:      1/7/14

To:          Michael Z. Green, Superintendent

From:     Cari Thomson, PhD

RE:          December Summary of Teaching and Learning 

During the month of December WMS staff continued to spend time on Monday mornings focusing on our building goal which is, “students will be able to access text and communicate about text.”  Staff will be bringing student examples of annotation strategies they have been trying in their classrooms.  Our focus will then be shifting to scheduling for next year as well as testing administration as Woodland Middle School pilots the Smarter Balanced Assessment in the spring. 

Heidi Rhodes, the 7-12 mathematics coach, has been working with Lauren Cockrell and has been team teaching and modeling lessons.  Heidi has also been working with mathematics teachers to collect data on student growth goals as related to the new Teacher Evaluation Program. 

Barb Lutz, the literacy coach has been working with English teachers as well as the media specialist to develop more nonfiction opportunities for students as we shift to the Common Core.  Teachers have attended various Common Core workshops put on by Marilyn Melville, and Barb sits on a Literacy Cadre for SW Washington.