Authorization to go out to bid on New WHS, Phase 2

The New WHS Project is on track to go to bid on Phase 2, which will include all buildings, parking lots, stadium and other fields. In the last weeks plans continue to be refined.  Constructibility review occured two weeks ago and the architect is in the process of reviewing and responding to the recommendations of the constructibility review team.  


Early this week the final construction cost estimate was received looks good.  The grand total is up only $43k from the design development estimate and we are still $1.1 million under the maximum allowable construction cost (MACC).  We are still holding .25% design contingency to cover the things that were not yet in the set that the estimator (Robinson) used (that’s another $98k on the base bid work).  We also have .3% escalation until bid day which the architecht and estimator think is prudent given what we are seeing in the market.  The only real surprise is the price on the gym bleacher alternate. Based on the price that Interkal quoted to Robinson they will be a lot cheaper.  I guess we’ll see on bid day.  


This week we also received the Washington State Department of Ecology Water Quality Certification.  This is a necessary lynchpin in the granting of the USACOE wetlands permit.   We also received, from the diking district, authorization to discharge stormwater into the diking districts.   All important steps in gaining wetlands permits.    We are hopeful that the permits will be received prior to scheduled bid opening.  All indications from the Corps is that we are on track for this.  

We have developed schedules and language in the bid documents that will allow for a delay in the award of the bid should there be an unexpected delay from the USACOE.

The planned schedule, assuming no delay in permit is that the invitation to bid will be advertised September 9th, bid opening on October 2nd, recommendation to the board on October 10th.   We can use strategies to delay for up to a month or longer if necessary.  

I need formal approval of the school board to advertise this job for public bid on September 9th.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we authorize the superintendent to advertise for bids for Phase 2 of the new WHS project."