WPS Report


Mark Houk, Principal


March  2013

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM:           Mark Houk     

RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE


School Safety

We continue to receive mostly complimentary feedback regarding increased expectations for school security.  And though we have established a “new norm,” some folks struggle with a procedure here and there………….I want to compliment our front office staff as well as staff around the building for “noticing” and helping parents with following check-in and pick-up procedures at WPS!  


School Improvement Planning

Leading into April, our school team is formulating the next version of school improvement planning for WPS.  This year focus will be given to implementing the coming Common Core Standards, and new teacher evaluation expectations into our culture of learning at WPS.  We are considering our behaviors as teachers and learners, and what and how we need to further develop our instructional competencies in the classroom and around school.


Thank You PTSA!

Again this year, our PTSA invited staff to submit “Wish Lists” for funding consideration.

And this year, all requests for funding, with the exception of the Principal Hot Tub, were honored.  Awards around our school totaled just about $2,000 of PTSA money raised on behalf of Woodland Schools – WOW!


Beaver “Kit” Award Winners

Finally, as we readied to depart for Spring Break, WPS conducted a drawing of Beaver “Kit” Award winners…………Beaver Kit Awards are given by staff who catch students making extra effort to Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Make Good Decisions.  Students drawn for the award this time around participated in an “Egg Hunt” out on our playground – fun for all!