Special Services Report

To:  Michael Green
Re:  March Monthly Special Services Report
From:  Deb Kernen
Date:  March 1, 2013

This month I want to highlight some of the ELL parent involvement/informational outreach activities that have taken place this year.  

In September Alisha Robison, our ELL teacher at WPS, Mark and Shawna went to La Casa De San Juan Diego apartments to share information about our ELL program and also our extended kindergarten program.  We provided brochures and information about our services and what the extended day kindergarten program looks like.  There were approximately 10 parents that attended.

In October Alisha held an informational meeting at WPS for the parents and their children for our targeted extended kindergarten children.  We had Project Ready materials to pass out to them for home use.  We spent time instructing them about how to best educate their child in the home, etc.  Their children played puzzles, had snack, etc., while the adults met.  We had around 10 parents join us for this activity.

In December Alisha’s extended kindergarten class had a Christmas party and invited the parents to attend.  We showed the parents what we had been learning and also had Christmas activities planned for the parents to participate in with their children.  They left with gifts for the children and the parents.  We had about 12 adults attend. 

In February, as a part of her administrative internship, Veronica Heller invited parents to a meeting at La Casa de San Juan Diego apartments. They had 12 parents attend. Melanie Ball (our ELL instructional assistant at WIS) and Veronica visited with them about school and had them complete a survey collecting information on how we can best provide communication with families and discussed the barriers that were keeping them from accessing our schools.   Jessica Stavig and Megan Shea, two of our WIS teachers provided translation to our families as we are fortunate enough that they are fluent in Spanish!! They are planning another meeting this month to inform them about the changes in volunteer policies and will provide the volunteer information packets at the meeting.  They will assist them in completing the paperwork so they will be able to join our volunteer force at Woodland Intermediate School.  Some very exciting outreach activities provided by our amazing ELL staff!!!!