Director of Learning Report

February 8, 2013

TO: Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM: Asha Riley

RE: Director of Learning Monthly Update

New Teacher Evaluation:
Last week our principals attended two days of training on the new evaluation framework. We not only gained a deeper understanding of the rubric itself, we also began to dive into how the process of evaluation will change. In the old evaluation model most of the evaluation consisted of one or two formal observations after which the principal labeled performance of the teacher. The new evaluation model is intended to have the principal and teacher collaborate together to collect evidence across the year (including one or two formal observation) and support growth of teacher performance over time. This model is much more meaningful for teachers and should result in improved teaching and learning if we invest the time it truly will take to do this work genuinely. This is a real obstacle. The legislature received data from pilot districts that this new evaluation requires 40 additional days of an administrators time in order to implement this authentically and effectively. With this reality it is our goal to develop an implementation plan to ensure we value this shift and do it authentically without other administrative responsibilities suffering.

National Board Process Changes:
Last Friday I was informed the National Board organization has made some significant changes to their program this year. First, they have extended the timeline for submissions to May 31st. This is good news for many of our candidates. Second, they have changed the method by which candidates submit their portfolios of evidence to a new online system. This is a bit unsetting for most of our candidates as there has been no information given regarding how this new online system works. I expect more information to come and hope this change in program will not negatively impact our teachers.