WPS Report

January  2013

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:           Mark Houk     

RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

Teacher Evaluation Training

As of this printing, our Admn. Team is attending training regarding the state revamped teacher and principal evaluation system.  This initiative places the onus on us school folk to truly form collaborative partnerships among teachers/principals.  Partnerships designed to focus on growth in teaching/leading through reflection, planning, and providing evidence of tangible student and teacher growth.  A very interesting and challenging endeavor that is sure to push us all toward better practice!

Family and Community Connections

Upcoming, our school will be hosting a Talent Show at the H.S. Auditorium on Friday, February 8th, then we will be “Reading with Dogs” at Woodland Primary on Tuesday, February 12th.  On that evening, we will be hosting up to 10 dogs who are trained to partner with students for reading activities.  Safety and animal awareness sessions will be part of the evening as well – WOOF!

School Safety

This past month our school revised our evacuation plan, and did one fire drill implementing the revisions.  Soon we will revisit the drill, implementing the feedback and observations taken.    Also, in February, we will be drilling on Earthquake, and Lockdown, making plans that will help clarify procedure and materials needed in case of a Shelter in Place (sealing and remaining in the building) situation.

A key piece of our ongoing adjustments has been the help and ideas of staff and our community.  Our Safety Workshop allowed some really good thinking, listening, and connecting with those that attended.