Approval of Revised KWRL Cooperative Agreement

The KWRL Administrative Council has reviewed the cooperative agreement and is recommending amendments to the agreement.  Attached are two copies of the agreement.  The (Redline) version shows all modifications in red.  The (Clean) version only shows the revised version.

UPDATE:   The KWRL Superintendents had the cooperative agreement reviewed by council and there have been some minor updates from the documents originally posted.  Please see additional REVISED Redline and Final documents.  (Note, the Redline is a redline version of the previously posted "Final" version.

Administrative Recommendation:
/MOTION/ "I move we approve the KWRL Cooperative Agreement as amended"

Attached Files:
KWRL Agreement (Clean).pdf 110KB application/pdf
KWRL Coop Agreement (Revised 120207).pdf 120KB application/pdf
KWRL Coop Agreement (Revised 120207) REDLINE.pdf 127KB application/pdf
KWRL Cooperative Agreement (Redline).pdf 115KB application/pdf