Ms Blanshan

Welcome to Woodland Middle School. I am excited to have the opportunity to get to know you and your child, and to assist them in the learning process. I am confident that each student has the ability to effectively prepare him/herself for a lifetime of success. It is my goal that every student is connected to the learning in my classroom and feel that they can use me as a resource to maximize their learning potential. In my classroom, I teach English/Language Arts, Math, and Reading.

Communication is the key to fulfilling your child's individual needs and preparing them for success. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me through one of the options below:

Rebecca Blanshan
Woodland Middle School
755 Park Street
Woodland, WA 98674

School Phone: (360)  841-2850


Education and Credentials:

As a daughter of a paper mill purchasing manager, I was born in Green Bay, WI, but moved about every two years of my life until the age of 18, where I moved to Bowling Green Ohio and attended Bowling Green State University for 4 years. I received my B.S. in Special Education with a dual major in Learning Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities. I graduated in 1992 and moved back to Wisconsin to teach near family and friends. After 3 years, I moved out west and spent 12 years teaching in St. Helens, OR. While in Oregon, I worked toward and received my Masters of Education in 1999. I moved to this area 11 years ago, and this is my 10th year teaching here in Woodland. I have my National Board certification and endorsement in Special Education, and am Highly Qualified in English Language Arts. This is my 24th year in teaching. 


Supplies for English:

1. 1 1/2 inch or larger binder with 5 dividers, notebook paper, and a pencil pouch
2. Highlighters
3. Blue or black pens
4. Pencils
5. Planner



Most of the homework for this class will be reading. I expect students to read at least 20 minutes each night. I don't often give other specific homework assignments, but students will be asked to complete any unfinished assignments at home. I use the Accelerated Reader Program in my room. At all times, I expect students to have a book checked out AND have it in class with them every day. When they finish their book, they can come in and take a test on that book. Each book is assigned a point value, and each student has a point goal for each quarter. I encourage parents to moniter their child's progress by clicking here .


Students were given planners on the first day of school, and I try my best to reinforce using them every day. In my classroom, they will copy assignments on the first day of each week.


Class Goals:

  1. To become independent learners through curriculum that is aligned with common core standards.
  2. To establish organization strategies that will be useful for daily living.
  3. Students will strive to be thoughtful and reflective communicators.


Mrs. Blanshan's Grading Policies and Classroom Procedures:


What you will need for this class everyday:

All school supplies listed above plus an AR book every day.

Grading Scale:

4- Above Standard
3-Meeting Standard
2-Approaching Standard
1-well-below learning standard


Absences and Make-up Work:

Attendance is extremely necessary for success in this class. Remember that most learning occurs inside the classroom. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain make-up work. You are responsible for all material presented in class, even if you have been absent. You should get handouts from the make-up work folder and class notes from a classmate. Late work is accepted until the end of each quarter and may or may not receive full credit.

Hall Passes:

You will be given ten passes per quarter. You may use them to go to your locker or the restroom. Once they are gone, they are gone. Use them wisely. If you are gone more than 5 minutes, you will owe me make-up time. (Note: I will never tell a students "no" when asking to use the restroom, even when passes are gone.)

Food and Drink:

In an effort to reduce distractions, no food is allowed in class (unless you provide for the whole group). Eating a snack between bell time is perfectly okay. No drinks other than water in a secure container is allowed.



  • Arrive on time with all materials
  • Follow directions immediately
  • Be courteous, respectful, & cooperative with teachers & other students
  • Complete classwork & homework on time
  • Be safe in and around the classroom


Behavior problems will be handled promptly and competently.

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Private chat
  3. Removal from group
  4. Parent contact
  5. Office referral

Severe or repeated disruptions: Removal from class.