Athletic Director Report

January 14, 2013


1.        HS Girls' Basketball

a.        Varsity - currently 11-1 overall (10-1 league) and in 2nd place.

                     i.      Ranked #10 in state.

b.        JV - currently 9-3 overall (8-1 league)


2.        HS Boys' Basketball

a.        Varsity - currently 8-4 overall (7-3 league) and in 3rd place.

b.        JV - currently 10-2 overall (8-2 league).

c.        C Team-currently 6-4 overall.

3.        HS Boys' Wrestling

a.        Team is struggling with injuries. If key wrestlers can get healthy, it could be one of our biggest team post seasons ever.

4.        WMS Wrestling

a.        Team won league championship for (we believe) the first time in school history.

5.        WMS Girls' Basketball

a.        8th grade girls (7-3 overall record)

                     i.      Did great at the end of season tournament and finished 3rd in league (5-3).

b.        7th grade girls (4-4 overall record)

c.        Blended girls (3-5 overall record)

6.        WMS Boys' Basketball

a.        Turnouts began on 1/7/13. Over 40 athletes have turned out. There will be 3 teams... 8th, 7th and blended.

7.        Current news...

a.        HS Boys' Baseball - We have hired a new coach (Stephen Short)

b.        W Club working on ways to bring more fans to the games...

                     i.      Half time competitions

                     ii.      Youth basketball half time scrimmages

c.        New Hustle Board in gym has 3 sponsors and has raised $1500 for the athletic program this year.

d.        Youth basketball leagues are underway... over 100 kids participating in grades (1-4). The boys and girls varsity basketball programs are running the league.

e.        Youth wrestling is also underway... 64 kids participating in grades (2-6). Joe Bosch (WMS Head Wrestling Coach) is running the program.