Yale School Report

Field Trip:

 We are again grateful to our partners at the Yale Valley Library District for providing our students with another field trip. This year the students had the opportunity to visit the Pearson Air Museum as well as the main library branch in downtown Vancouver.
School Safety: In response to recent incidents across our nation we have been revising our safety plans at Yale school. The most noticeable change in practice is that we now no longer leave the front door unlocked. Without the consistent supervision of the entrance by a secretary the campus is just too exposed to leave the door unlocked. Bill Hanson was very helpful in ensuring we immediately had enough keys for all staff so they can easily escort students in and out of the building during recesses and PE. The parents have been understanding of our new practice and so far we have not had any complaints. We have discovered this practice can pose inconveniences if we don't hear their knock on the door indicating parents have arrived to pick up a child early etc. To address this problem I have purchased a wireless doorbell to help staff hear any parents waiting for assistance at the front door.

YVLD Partnership:

The new partnership between Yale Valley Library District, Fort Vancouver Library District, and the Woodland School District. This partnership is now allowing all Yale students to access a vast array of quality materials from the Fort Vancouver Library System. Students all received a new library card, and will have time each week to order and check out books. FVRL also donated some surplus items (atlases, other reference books) to our school library.

Holiday Program:

The annual holiday program was a big success. Once again, a thank you to the Huffmans for all the time and work they put into it, and to all the families and community members who came, and to the students who worked hard, and put on a great show. Santa also showed up, and was a great visitor.


Standards Based Report Card:

 For 4th and 5th graders, we are now on a Standards-Based Report Card. A big thanks to WIS for their hard work in setting this up, and sharing it with us. The students and parents have had very positive feedback regarding the new Standards-Based Report Cards.


Yale PTO:

The Yale PTO continues to provide countless positive learning opportunities to the students and community at Yale. Weekly open gyms are currently under way, along with monthly movie nights. The PTO and staff are also working hard to improve the garden and greenhouse to improve the outdoor learning area. The PTO is in the process of planning a Community Food Drive, Book Swap, Book Fair, and a reading challenge to coincide with the annual Read Across America Day, we will be celebrating on March 1st. The PTO also received a US Bank Grant, to help pay for Art Education at Yale.